Happy Inauguration Day!


Today is truly history in the making. I am very excited that Mr. Obama will be our 44th President! I think he is going to be a transformative figure for our country (and that is a very good thing).

While I have class during the day, the school is showing all the events on the big screen in the forum, so maybe I will be able to catch a glimpse if I’m very good  & Get Stuff Done! 🙂

What are your inauguration watching plans?

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Happy New Years 2009!

So, I have finally caved and signed up for a blog. I have resisted thus far because I thought, “why blog, when there are already so many other great blogs out there?” Well,  in my drunken, New Year’s Eve reverie, I though “why not blog?” Plus, I am hoping to distract myself during my last semester of law school. I am told 3Ls are not suppose to study, so I am going to do my best to live up to that command!

So welcome! Come on in & take a look around. I hope that you will join me on this journey called blogging.

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